Revive is a safe water based, non toxic and non flammable fluid, using technology developed and used for the cleaning and maintenance of automotive engines.

The fluid is sprayed into the vehicle’s intake system before the turbo inlet whilst the engine isrunning. As the Revive fluid passes through the engine system it locks on to built up oily/carbon deposits and breaks away a surface layer. Revive removes these carbon deposits in tinyparticles, making the treatment perfectly safe for vehicles equipped with catalysts and filters.

By performing three Revive cleaning doses on the vehicle, carbonised layers are removed gradually, making the engine cleaning process very safe.

Using Revive can help solve & prevent…

  • Reduced power
  • Warning lights
  • Poor pickup
  • Failed emissions
  • Low fuel economy
  • Smoking exhaust
  • Costly repairs


Always start with a cold engine, unclip the intake pipe after the air filter & MAF sensor.

(This three step process can be completed in just 10 minutes)

Spray Revive in 3 doses of 250ml into the intake, 1st with the engine running at 2200 RPM,

next at 1800 RPM, stop the engine for 3 minutes, re-start theengine then finally at 2000 RPM.

(Engine size above 5 litres? Refer to the instructions


Keep the engine running for a few more minutes until the Revive has worked out of the system.

Take the vehicle for a brisk drive of about 20 minutes, exercising engine components and completing the Revive.

The Revive cleaning process can be performed before a service, this allows the vehicle to be checked over and filled with clean oil.

To help prevent further issues, treat with a Revive Service Shot dose at following services.


 Quick & easy to use & is sprayed in after the air filter.

Cures limp home, check engine faults

Smoking exhaust


 Frees stuck turbocharger, Nozzles/Vanes


 Also cleans the following:

  •  Turbochargers (exhaust & inlet)
  •  EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valves
  •  Engine valves (exhaust & inlet)
  •  Intercoolers
  •  Turbocharger variable vanes/nozzles
  •  Throttle Housing


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